Kalispell’s finest!

Introducing Montana Meals!

Montana is full of opportunity for outdoor fun and fitness – fueling your body properly is essential to making the most of these opportunities!  Whether you want to have the energy to go on a hike after work, or you want to lose some weight so you can participate fully in your favorite activities, good nutrition is key to feeling well.

Montana Meals is a new program designed to encourage healthier eating and optimal nutrition for daily living and Montana adventures.  Montana Meals will provide the opportunity to find new recipes, get nutrition and cooking tips, and participate in nutrition challenges designed to make healthier food choices a life-long habit.

Montana Meals will also be a source for up-to-date information regarding the latest nutrition research and trends.   Incorrect and misleading nutrition information exists everywhere today – on the internet, on TV, and through advertising.  Montana Meals will help you sort through all of that misinformation and provide solid, evidenced based information that you can use to make positive changes to your eating habits.

You can also follow Montana Meals on Twitter by clicking the link on the lefthand sidebar.

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