Post race and ready for some hot chocolate!
Post race and ready for some hot chocolate!

We’ve been on the road the past two weeks–Helena, Kalispell, Yellow Bay, and Missoula–meeting a lot of people and also taking in some beautiful sites around the state. I did, however, promise a report from our Thanksgiving 10K (Montana Moves on Turkey Day).  Despite the cold and icy road conditions in Bozeman on Thanksgiving morning, the MUS Wellness team represented with two Top 20 finishes in the Huffing for Stuffing 10K!  Cristin trained hard for the event for the past 8 weeks and it paid off with an impressive performance in her first 10K.

I felt fantastic, I was happy with how it went.  I was surprised by my time because I’ve run races in the past and they haven’t gone as smoothly.  I think the combination of resistance training and running, being on a personalized plan, and not over-training made a huge difference.  I like the 10K distance, and races are a lot more fun than just running on your own—the whole atmosphere and people cheering you on makes it much easier to run six miles and makes you keep going when you think you can’t.

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