This year, get fit and have fun by participating in our Challenge of the Month.  Each month, Montana Moves and Montana Meals will roll out a new challenge focusing on fitness and nutrition, respectively.  Participate in all of them, and we promise you’ll have one of your healthiest years ever!  Plus, you can win monthly, quarterly, and end-of-year prizes* such as wellness related goodies and gift-cards!


Montana Moves January Challenge: It all starts with a Goal.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, but before you take a step, it helps to know where you’re going.  This month, your challenge is simply to make your health/fitness goals for 2013, write them down, and share.  You may have one big goal, or several smaller goals.  Your goals may focus on fitness, nutrition, overall wellness, work/life balance, etc.  Any health goals work.  Follow the suggestions for goal-setting by clicking on this link:  SMART Goal Setting.  Then simply share your goals by writing us at and putting ‘January Moves’ in the subject of your email.  Goals are due by Monday, February 4th.  You’ll then be eligible for our end-of-month drawing*.  Your goals will be confidential, but anything we can do to help you achieve them in 2013 we will!

Montana Meals

Montana Meals January ChallengeTry New Things!  Try 4 new recipes this month.

There are a lot of different healthy recipes out there just waiting to be tried!  The beginning of the New Year is the perfect time to introduce healthy new meals into your kitchen. Look for recipes that feature vegetables, whole grains, or lean protein, and that utilize moderate amounts of plant-based oils or low-fat dairy.  Download the January Log and submit your entries by sending your log to and putting ‘January Meals’ as the subject of your email. Entries are due by Monday, February 4th

*You must be a Montana University Insured Plan member to be eligible to win.

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