Montana Moves February Challenge: Snow Patrol/Make Tracks!

It’s February in Montana!  Embrace the Winterness!  There are two ways to enter and win in February.  First:  Try a new winter activity this month.  Thinking about trying out those snowshoes or skate skis?  Been thinking about hiking that trail you love in the summer?  Here’s your excuse.  Try something new, hit the trail, and send us a picture along with your location and activity.  You’ve already done it all you say?  The second way to participate is our Make Tracks challenge.  Send us a cool picture of your ski/snowshoe/boot tracks in the snow with your location and activity.  Go ahead, get creative.  Here’s an example:

Backcountry skiing at Beehive Basin, Southwest Montana.
Backcountry skiing at Beehive Basin, Southwest Montana.

Send your entries to with the subject line ‘February Moves’ by Monday, March 4th.

Montana Meals

Montana Meals February Challenge: The Most Important Meal:  Eat Breakfast Every Day!

This month’s challenge is to track each day that you eat breakfast, with the goal of eating breakfast every day.  Go for as many days as you can.  Studies show that people who eat breakfast on a regular basis are less likely to be overweight, less tired, have more nutritious diets, and are less likely to overeat later in the day than those who skip breakfast.  Any food eaten as breakfast will count for this challenge; however, the best breakfasts include a source of protein (i.e. yogurt, eggs, nuts/nut butter, milk, cheese, lean meat) to keep you fueled and going strong until lunch.  It’s ok if you miss a day; just get back on track the next.  Remember that even something small for breakfast will suffice.  Take this month to turn eating breakfast into a lifelong, healthy habit!

Download the February Log and submit your entries by sending your completed log to with ‘February Meals’ in the subject line of your email.  Entries due by Monday, March 4th.

*You must be a Montana University Insured Plan member to be eligible to win.

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