MM Winner
Our Montana Moves First Quarter prize winner Angela B. showing off her new Polar Heart Rate watch along with coworker and Wellness Champion Julie M.

Montana Moves started the year with a simple challenge: Send in your fitness/health goals for 2013. Many people from around the state responded to the challenge, among them, Angela Bangs from MSU. Angela’s goal for 2013 was to lose 30 pounds, and she also added the specifics of how she wanted to achieve her goal: by increasing her fruits & vegetable intake to 5 servings a day, and by being physically active for at least 150 minutes per week. Then Angela took one more step to challenge herself and make her goals a little more urgent: she signed up for a 10-mile run in Chapel Hill, NC, where she went to school.

April turned out to be a great month for Angela. First, she won our Montana Moves Quarterly drawing for her participation in our Challenges of the Month, receiving a Polar Heart Rate monitor and watch. Then she completed one of her 2013 goals by finishing the 10-miler in Chapel Hill! Here’s what Angela had to say about the race:

The race was fantastic – clear skies, cooler temperatures, and lower elevation made the day a great one.  I made my goal time and am now considering doing a half marathon sometime in the fall.

MUS Wellness would like to congratulate Angela!  Her’s is an inspirational success story about the power of setting goals and implementing a plan to reach them!  Best of luck to Angela as she strives for even more successes in 2013!

Angela NC
MSU-AHEC Coordinator and UNC Alumni Angela proudly sporting her Chapel Hill 10-Miler medal. Well done Angela!

Be sure to check out our Challenge of the Month each and every month from Montana Moves and Montana Meals. You can be a winner too! And if you missed our January Challenge, it’s not too late, there’s still plenty of 2013 left to set and accomplish some awesome goals. Just check out our COTM tab at the top of the page, and play along!

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