Such a tight race!
Such a tight race!

Our Montana Bikes/MUS Wellness Team just wrapped up month two of the 5-month National Bike Challenge.  With 29 riders on the team, and over 5000 miles logged, we’re currently the second place team in Montana by a very narrow margin!  We’ve also moved up to 150th place nationally out of 2082 teams.  MUS riders have logged over half of our miles commuting: saving gas, emissions, and money, while also getting some great exercise.  5000 miles is the equivalent of a ride from Anchorage, Alaska to Miami, Florida. Excellent job everyone! 

Remember, if you’d like to participate in this challenge, it’s not too late!  There are still three great summer months to get out and ride, log miles, and have fun tracking your progress.   Just go to, sign-up (it’s free), join our team ‘Montana University System Wellness–Montana Bikes!’, and start logging.  If you have any trouble joining, just shoot us an email at and we’ll help you out.  Happy Riding!

alaska to miami
Anchorage to Miami. Now that’s a long ride!


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