We wanted to share our latest round of winners!  We recently drew for our June COTM: “Down and Dirty” and “Meatless Mondays”.  We also had our big quarterly drawing.  Here are our lucky winners!

    • Montana Meals June Challenge Winner:  Heather Miller from OCHE (Helena) won a $25 Target gift card for going Meatless on Mondays during June.
    • Montana Moves June Challenge Winner:  Ali Pepper from UM Missoula won a $25 gift card to Bob Ward’s for participating in our “Down and Dirty” Challenge.  Here’s Ali not only getting dirty, but leaping over fire during the Spartan Challenge!  Way to go Ali!
SuperAli! (Perfect form by the way!)
  • Montana Meals Quarterly Winner:  Darlene Hert from MSU Billings won a spice pack from Penzeys Spices.
  • Montana Moves Quarterly Winner:  Sydney Hoffner from MSU Bozeman won a Camelpack Hydration Backpack for sharing her Summer Tic-List.
Sydney in the studio showing off her new Camelback.
Sydney in the studio showing off her new Camelback.

You can win too!  Check out the current monthly challenge here!

One last win to report:  Our Wellness Exercise and Fitness Specialist Neal Andrews brought home the Gold this weekend—winning the Madison Duathlon from Ennis to Virginia City for the second straight year.  Way to go Neal!

Madison Duathlon Champ Neal Andrews showing off the hardware.

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