Our MUS Wellness Team enjoys challenging you with a new fitness and nutrition challenge each month, but lately we’ve been on the “receiving end” of a challenge as we’ve worked our way through the “Summer Fitness Challenge” sponsored by the MSU Hosaeus Fitness Center.  To complete the Challenge, we had to perform 10 out of 12 individual challenges within around 5 weeks.  Six of the 12 challenges were inside the Fitness Center, and six were outside.  We also received a choice between the standard list, and an “extreme” list of challenges.  Not wanting to back down from a good challenge (pun intended), naturally Cristin and I said, “Sign us up for the extreme, please.”

One my favorite aspects of taking part in this scavenger hunt-type challenge was some of the preparation that went into scheduling all the different events.  Two of the more significant outdoor challenges were to ride a bike to the Hyalite Reservoir (a nice steady climb), and to hike an area mountain peak (we were given a choice of 5).  Cristin and I collaborated and decided that we would hike Mt. Blackmore, a 10,000 ft. peak in the Hyalite area.  While planning a weekend to focus on a couple of the outdoor challenges, I suggested, “Why don’t we do the bike ride on Saturday, and the hike on Sunday.”  Cristin simplified things by suggesting, “If we’re going to ride our bikes up there anyway, why don’t we just do the hike on Saturday too.”  Wow.  What an overachiever.  I was in.  Cristin’s husband Ethan also agreed to the madness, and my wife decided she would be our support team (every big excursion needs a support team!) and bring us breakfast at the reservoir following our bike ride.  So, following our early morning uphill bike ride, we had a lovely meal by the water, relaxed for a bit, and then headed over to the trailhead and up the mountainside.

In all, we covered 17 miles on the bike, 12 on the hike, and from the beginning of the ride to the top of the mountain, we gained just over one mile of elevation!  Not bad for a day’s work!  Here are some pictures from our adventurous day.  Look forward to a post from Cristin later this week about one of our less intense, indoor-challenge adventures (it involves food!).

Hyalite Reservoir
Gorgeous morning in Southwest Montana! Ethan, Neal, and Cristin at the end of the bike ride, ready for breakfast!
Blackmore ridge
Ethan and Cristin approaching the ridgeline.
Bianca leading the summit approach!
We made it! Time to break out the PB&Js and celebrate! Mt. Blackmore, 10,154ft.


One thought on “Everyone needs a good challenge!

  1. Neal and Cristin took the Summer Fitness Challenge to a new level! They were fun participants to have; fully committing and going above and beyond. I can’t wait to come up with more challenges for them and other participants next summer.

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