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Montana Moves July COTM: Personal Best!

Ever since we were kids, it’s always been fun and rewarding to do our best!  For the Montana Moves August Challenge of the Month, we’re asking you to do just that.  You’ve had some great summer months to get in shape–why not test yourself by doing something better than you ever have before?  Every athlete strives for a Personal Best (P.B.), and you can too. Here’s some ideas of things that could qualify:

  • Fastest time in a particular race distance. (Easiest way to achieve: run a new distance you’ve never raced before, it will automatically become your personal best)
  • Longest…run, hike, bike, walk, etc.
  • Elevation:  Highest elevation gain, or highest elevation achieved.
  • Weight Training–heaviest lift (careful if you do this one, make sure you have a spotter), or most reps with a certain weight.
  • Most days exercised in the month. Or most consecutive days exercising.
  • Get creative!  Make your own!

If you need to qualify your personal best, we’ll let you.  For example, you might say: Personal Best post-baby, or post-surgery, or personal best in my 50s.  Get out there, set records, and send us your personal best description/story/photo to with the subject line Personal Best! by Monday, September 2nd to be entered to win our monthly drawing!

Montana Meals July COTM: Veggilicious!

During the month of July, the Montana Meals COTM focused on fruit; this month it’s all about veggies!  There’s never a better time than the peak of summer to expand your veggie horizons.  This month, we’re challenging you to try one new-to-you vegetable each week during the month of August. Stumped for ideas? Think Jerusalem artichokes, garlic scapes, squash blossoms, beet greens, Swiss chard, bok choy, arugula, kohlrabi or all those other lesser-known veggies that you normally pass over at the store or market. Tried them all? Go for a different variety of a familiar vegetable, like an heirloom tomato or a patty pan squash. Send your completed August Log or pictures of each vegetable to by Monday, September 2nd with the subject line Veggilicious! to be entered into our monthly prize drawing. Expect some new vegetable recipe ideas to be posted on our Facebook page, blog, and Pinterest page during the month of August.

Fresh Montana Produce from our very own Flathead Valley CC Garden!  The carrots on the homepage are from FVCC as well.  Mmmmm.
Fresh Montana Produce from our very own Flathead Valley CC Garden!
You must be a Montana University System Insured Plan member to participate.

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