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Montana Moves October COTM: It’s Family Time!

We know you were busy in September, getting back in the groove of school and all the activities that come with the Fall.  In October, your challenge is to create some healthy family habits, or even a new tradition!  Don’t get stuck in the rut of “too busy”—prioritize what’s most important in your life!  That said, your Montana Moves Challenge of the Month is to do healthy activities as a family!  Hiking, biking, skiing, swimming, walks around the neighborhood or park—as long as you’re together and moving, it all counts!  Get creative and have fun with this one.  You can submit up to three entries this month via a family photo of your activity, or by writing us to tell your story!  Single?  No worries, your friends count as your family—assemble your crew.  Submit your entries to, fax to 994-2391, or tweet photos to @montanamoves by November 1st to be eligible for our monthly prize drawing.

Montana Meals October COTM: Build a Better Salad!

While a salad may sound like the ultimate health food, all salads are not created equal. Some salads can be deceptively loaded with calories; others can be missing important nutrients such as protein and fat, leaving you hungry and unsatisfied. Therefore, this month’s challenge is to build a better salad using the instructions found here on the Challenge Worksheet.  A healthy salad includes dark leafy greens, lots of colorful veggies (or fruit), lean protein, and heart-healthy fats. We might be near the end of farmers market season and the abundance of fresh produce, but it’s still possible to make a delicious, colorful, and healthy salad for this Challenge! Complete the Challenge Worksheet and return it by Friday, Nov 1st to be entered into the prize drawing. Entries may be emailed to or faxed to 994-2391. An extra drawing entry will be awarded for anyone who takes a picture of their “better” salad and sends it along with their challenge entry or tweets the picture to @montanameals.

You must be a Montana University System Insured Plan member  to participate.

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