BIG BIG Congratulations to our “Montana Bikes” Wellness Team who participated in the National Bike Challenge from May through September.  Our 37 riders from across the state logged over 17,000 miles!  To put that in perspective, if there were an east/west road that circumnavigated the world from Montana, our team collectively would’ve ridden that road all the way around and back to the treasure state!  That effort was good enough to be the top team in the state.  WooHoo!  We plan on doing the NBC again next year, so think about riding along.  It’s that chance you always wanted to be part of a championship team!

A 17,000 mile ride along the 44th parallel.  Sounds fun, right?
A 17,000 mile ride along the 44th parallel. Sounds fun, right?

As long as we’re talking about winners, here are our Montana Moves and Montana Meals COTM winners for September:

Darcy Tickner from Bozeman won a salad dressing shaker and garlic press from Montana Meals.

Lisa Stevenson from Bozeman won our Montana Moves drawing for playing Back-to-School Bingo.  Thanks to everyone who participated, and be sure to check out our October challenge for your chance to win!

This month’s goodie bag from Montana Moves!
Neal with our September winner, Lisa. Congrats!

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