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Montana Meals December COTM:  Give the Gift of Good Nutrition!

Many of our monthly challenges have to do with us, but December focuses on your community.  In the spirit of the holidays, the Montana Meals December challenge is to consider the nutrition of your neighbors by making a donation to your local food bank. The holidays are an incredibly busy time for food banks and they appreciate all the extra help and donations they receive.  To complete the challenge, donate a food item(s), or donate your time by volunteering for at least an hour; then simply send an email to to let us know how you donated!  You’ll be glad you did!  Happy Holidays from Montana Meals!

Montana Moves December COTM: Photo of the Year!

Let’s celebrate the end of 2013 by looking at some of the places we’ve romped in Big Sky Country!  The purpose of Montana Moves is to encourage Montanans to enjoy being active in the Last Best Place, so we want to see where you’ve been! Submit your best photo(s) from your 2013 ventures.  Categories are:

  • Nature
  • Adventure/Travel
  • Action

Rules:  You may submit up to 3 photos.  If you have submitted photos for past challenges, we will be looking at those as well, but feel free to submit others.  Entries are due by December 31st at midnight!  Email your Photo of the Year to or Tweet to @montanamoves.  Have fun!

Where have your adventures taken you this year?
Where have your adventures taken you this year?
You must be a Montana University System Insured Plan member  to participate.

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