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Montana Moves January Challenge:  It all Starts with a Goal

It’s not a goal unless you write it down.

We began 2013 with the same challenge. Many of you responded, and many of you had some amazing stories to tell by the end of the year. Many said that in 2014 they would continue to build on the goals they started last year, which is awesome. That’s called growth. Therefore, your challenge is simply to make your health goals for 2014, write them down, and share. You may have one big goal, or several smaller goals. Your goals may focus on fitness, nutrition, overall wellness, work/life balance, etc. Any health goal works.

Share your goals by writing us at and putting ‘January Moves’ as the subject of your email. Goals are due by Monday, February 3rd.

Here are some quick tips on goal setting:

  • Use SMART Goals  Read more by clicking the link.
  • Be specific! Be specific! Be specific!  Vague goals usually die.
  • Focus on behaviors you want to change more than outcomes.  Consistent behaviors lead to desirable outcomes.
  • Write it down.  Put it somewhere where you see it everyday.  It’s not a goal unless you write it down!
  • Set yourself up for success:  arrange or change your environment to make your behaviors easy.  For example, if you want to eat more fruit, you should have a bowl of fresh fruit visible in your kitchen or office at all times.

We’ll go into more details for all of these tips as the month goes on, but you can get a head-start by clicking on the SMART Goal link above!

When you share your goals, you’ll be eligible for our end-of-month and quarterly drawings. Your goals will be confidential, but if there is anything we can do to help you achieve them in 2014, we will!

Montana Meals January Challenge:  Try New Things!

In 2014, both Montana Moves and Montana Meals will roll out new challenges, but we’ll bring back some popular challenges from 2013 as well. Last year, the Montana Meals January Challenge was to make 4 new recipes, and given the popularity of the challenge, we are starting this year out the same way. The beginning of the New Year is the perfect time to introduce healthy meals into your kitchen. Keep it simple, and look for recipes that feature fruits and vegetables, whole grains, or lean protein, and that utilize moderate amounts of plant-based oils. For recipe ideas, click Recipes for a list of online resources.  Download your January Log here.

Entries due by Monday, February 3rd to be eligible for the prize drawing.

You must be a Montana University System insured plan member  to participate.

2 thoughts on “Challenge of the Month: January!

  1. I would like to enter my Montana Meals Challenge of the Month

    I tried 4 new I think they were healthy reciepes.

    1.) Sweet Potato Tacos—got this off a website “Diesel Food”

    2.) I tried creamed cauliflower—got this from my neighbor

    3.) I made Quinoa banana muffins—I got this recipe off the internet

    4.) I also made some Tomatillo salsa—got this from a friend—lots less salt and no preservatives
    Name is: Colleen Murphey
    Campus: University of MT—Missoula


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