Your Wellness team spent the past couple of days at Great Falls College, helping upgrade their Employee Fitness Room.  GFC has spent some of its existing Wellness funds over the years to provide employees a place to exercise, and recently purchased some new equipment for resistance exercise.  After helping rearrange the layout of the room, we also ran five short workshops to help employees become familiar with the new equipment.  We plan to produce a video featuring the new, functional space at Great Falls College, but until then, we thought we’d share some photos from our time there. We also need to thank the GFC HR department and maintenance team for all their help and for providing the resources to make this project possible!

IMG_6550 (1024x683)
We helped create some functional space for yoga, stretching, and resistance training.
IMG_6561 (1024x683) (2)
Some of the new functional equipment, including medicine balls, a bench, and a TRX.
IMG_6555 (1024x683) (3)

IMG_6563 (1024x683) IMG_6564 (1024x683) (2)

IMG_6574 (1024x673)
Neal coaching some medball exercises.
“Now drop and give me 20!” Just kidding! Neal was not berating this employee–rather, she is approaching a kettlebell and getting set for a deadlift.
IMG_6580 (1024x680)
Core training with resistance bands.
IMG_6559 (1024x683)
Cristin trying out the new TRX suspension trainer.

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