Two more weekends to get out there and make some tracks for our February Challenge, and the snow is arriving for many of us as I write this! Here are some of the great entries we’ve had thus far!

Telemark Meadow - smiling crop  Leah T Feb 14
Leah Tietz backcountry skiing Telemark Meadow near West Yellowstone. Great snow!
andrea lewis Feb 14
Andrea Lewis shredding the gnar at Snowbowl.
Russ Stevens Feb 14
Darryl Stevens and crew snowshoeing on a bluebird day in the Little Belt Mountains.
sam white Feb 14
Sam White leading a group of interns on a XC ski outing near Big Sky.
erika palmer feb 14
Erika Palmer and family ski through a winter wonderland up Lolo Pass.
l&c caverns lisa verwys feb 14
Lisa Verwys tears up the trails during some intense marathon training at Lewis & Clark State Park.

Get out there, have fun, and make those tracks! Entries are due March 3rd, so there’s still plenty of time!

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