Here’s some good news to make your Monday better. According to recent poll data from Gallop, Montana topped Colorado as the nation’s least obese state! Way to go MT! According to Gallop, Montana’s obesity rate (classified by the number of persons with a BMI greater than 30.0) was at 19.6% for 2013.

MT Obesity Rate
Darker shades of green are higher obesity rates. Mississippi had the highest rate, at 35%

Wondering why? Are we Montanans just that special? Do we have a better gene pool than the rest of the nation? Is it the water? Well, we may find insights in a couple of Gallop’s related polls. According to Gallop:

  • Montana was tied for 3rd with Alaska in “Exercise Frequency”, the percentage of respondents who reported exercising at least 30 minutes 3 or more days a week.  60% of Montanans reported being physically active in this way. Vermont and Hawaii were first and second, respectively.
  • Montana was 2nd in “Eating Produce”, the percentage of state residents who report eating five or more servings of fruits and vegetables 4 or more days per week. 63% of Montanans polled said they fell into this category. Vermont, again, was #1. Washington and Oregon were 3rd and 4th, possibly giving a tip of the hat to some of our great northwest produce!

Cristin and I love these numbers! Keep up the good work Montana! It’s no secret to us, that consistent exercise and activity coupled with a healthy diet full of lots of whole foods like fruits and veggies promotes healthy weight, and a decrease in health risks like diabetes and heart disease. Cristin even has one of her 6 Nutritional Tenets dedicated to this idea.

If you would like to explore some more of this data from Gallop, check out these links:

Have a Happy Monday and for those of you on Spring Break, enjoy!


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