National Bike Month is almost upon us (snow or no snow)! Last year, around 40 brave riders from around the state joined the MUS Wellness Team for the National Bike Challenge, a 5-month challenge to track your riding.  Competing against other organizations and businesses around Montana, MUS Wellness won the State Team Competition while logging more than 17,000 miles!  This year, we’re so confident that we can recruit even more riders to the Challenge, that we thought we’d make it interesting and have an East vs. West Montana Challenge! Interested? Following you’ll find information on 1) How to register, 2) What Team you’ll be riding for, and 3) How the Challenge is scored.

1.  Registration

Simply click the banner below to go to the National Bike Challenge Home site. There you will create a Login (free). Once you are logged in, you can join a Team. Go to the “My Account” Tab, or use a Search Icon to Search for your team, MUS Wellness East or MUS Wellness West. The Challenge begins May 1st and ends September 30th.  Each time you ride, you log miles using the website, or a choice of 3 Apps you can download to a smartphone (MapMyRide, Moves, or Endomondo).  Scoring is described below, but frequency is weighted more heavily than mileage, so don’t think that you have to ride some epic distances to participate.


2.  Teams

MUS Wellness has two Teams this year, which will compete against each other as well as other teams from across Montana.  Our Teams are MUS Wellness East and MUS Wellness West. Search for the appropriate team name using the Search Icon on the website. The EAST will comprise of campuses affiliated with the following locations: Billings, Bozeman, Glendive, Great Falls, Havre, and Miles City.  The WEST will comprise of campuses affiliated with the following locations: Butte, Dillon, Helena, Kalispell, and Missoula. Based on employee counts on these campuses, it’s a pretty even split. We’ll see which side has the better recruiters!

3.  Scoring

Each day you log a ride, you’ll receive 20 points for logging plus 1 point per mile. So, for example, if you commute 2 miles to and from work one day, you receive 24 points.  Prizes are giving each month and at the end of the Challenge through drawings and awards for top riders.  For the complete Challenge Rules, click here.

We hope you ride with MUS Wellness this Summer. Stay tuned for more about National Bike Month as part of our “Montana Bikes” May Challenge of the Month! Happy Riding!

2014 NCB East vs West
Who will be crowned Montana Bike Challenge Champs?

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