To all of you who submitted your personal bests in April as part of the Montana Moves COTM, we say CONGRATS! We had some really great entries which we’ll share a sampling of now. Here’s what you guys and girls got done in April that was better than your best:

  • Many of you who wear Fitbits or other pedometers had personal bests for steps in a single day. Well done!
  • Many of you used exercise frequency as a criteria, working out a record number of times for the month. I think this is an excellent thing to be aware of and track, because I think consistency is the key to fitness.
  • Some of you used events as a personal best, such as running more 5k’s in one month than ever before.
  • 1 unassisted chin-up (female).  Well done!
  • 217 Pull-ups during the month (female).  Amazing!
  • Running 2 miles without stopping.
  • Eight Push-ups (began exercising last fall).
  • Longest (duration) swim.
  • Fastest morning run.
  • 7:03 Mile (female in her 40s). Awesome! Sub-7 is next!
  • 115 lb. Bench Press for 2 reps (P.B. in this person’s 40s)
  • Roller Skating! Most laps in 5 minutes.
  • 15 miles walked in 24-hour period.  Excellent!
  • Cristin’s Submission:  Completed first ever Triathlon (Grizzly Tri).
  • Neal’s Submission:  No P.B. in Boston Marathon for time, but a personal best for steps that day—47,717!

Nice job everyone!  Keep finding ways to be at your best all summer!  Now, on to our prize winners:

  • Tracy Boehm of Missoula won the prize drawing for Montana Moves. She’ll be receiving a camp hammock, which she can use to relax after setting her personal best 5k this April as part of a relay team at the Grizzly Triathlon. It was also Tracy’s first time participating as part of a Tri.
  • Chairsty Stewart of Billings won the prize drawing for Montana Meals. She’ll be receiving a slow cooker for her participation in the Meal Planning April Challenge.

Congratulations ladies!  Speaking of Montana Meals, here is a little feedback we received from our April Meal Planning Challenge participants:

  • “I like this form for planning meals—it was easy to fill out.  I hate having to stop at the store because I need one or two things so this form helped me to better plan for needed ingredients.”  —D.H., Billings
  • “This worksheet was a nice change.  And I didn’t forget half of my grocery list while at the store!” —H.K., Missoula
  • “This has been very helpful ~ the part that really helped was looking at the calendar to see what kind of time I had to fix the meal.” —J.D., Missoula

Make sure you check out our May Challenges.  Have a great weekend Montana!


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