Is there anywhere better than Montana in the summertime? Well, no, of course not. The flipside is that the amazing weather won’t last forever, which creates a bit of a sense of urgency to take advantage of all those outdoor adventures that can only happen in the summer. Last year, I challenged you to come up with and share your summer “Tic-list”. A look back at my own tic-list from last summer was encouraging—I actually accomplished most of it.

  • Visit Glacier National Park—Did it!
  • Visit Grand Teton National Park—Did it, but needed more time there to explore.
  • Hike/Climb Mt. Cowen in Absaroka Range—Didn’t get to it.
  • Complete Bridger Ridge Run (in one piece)—Did it, hardest thing I’ve ever done.
  • Go rock climbing with locals to learn new routes/areas—Did once (a broken finger hampered this effort (I broke my finger mountain biking, not climbing))
  • Do at least one overnight hike and camp—Did it! (Glacier NP)
  • Maybe learn to fly-fish—Did it!
  • Learn to recognize local wildflowers while hiking—Needs work. Currently I can identify Balsamroot and Bluebells.

This year’s list began with a general goal of hiking and climbing much more than I did last summer, but I tried to put some specifics down on paper.  Remember, when goal setting, specific is better, and it’s not really a goal unless you write it down. So, here is my 2014 Summer Tic-List, beginning where last year’s list left off:

  • Learn to recognize local wildflowers while hiking.
  • Hike/Climb Mt. Cowen in Absaroka Range.
  • Go rock climbing with locals to learn new routes/areas.
  • Go water skiing.
  • Overnight hike/camp in Absaroka Range, and maybe one in the Crazy Range.
  • Take family vacation in Missoula/Bitteroot Valley.
  • Summit Peaks in Gallatin, Madison, & Absaroka Ranges.
  • July 6th—Defend Madison Duathlon Title and turn 40 with grace and style!

Well, there it is. I just got excited! There is truly a power in writing down wishes, dreams and goals! Now it’s your turn! What can you accomplish in the glorious Montana months of June, July, and August? What will you do? Where will you go? Share it with us by sending your list to with the Subject line: Tic-list, and we’ll enter you in a special drawing at the end of the month.

I’ll leave you with two of the Montana Moves “High Fives”:  Go play outside and have fun!


There were no shortage of photo opps at Glacier National Park during last summer’s trip.

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