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Montana Moves August COTM: Try a New Activity!

We are creatures of habit, and it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. This month, we’re challenging you to do a physical activity you’ve always wanted to do, but maybe haven’t gotten around to it.   Maybe it’s kayaking, paddleboarding, overnight camping, fly fishing, or mountain biking.  Whatever it is: be creative, be safe, and enjoy!  Trying one new activity sometimes opens up whole new worlds of possibilities! To complete this challenge, simply step out of your everyday routine and try one new thing before the challenge ends on 8/31. Submit your challenge story and/or photos to by Tuesday, September 2nd to be entered into a raffle to win “The Stick”, a handy roller for achy muscles.

Montana Meals August COTM: Share a Healthy Recipe!

Have you ever tried a recipe that after tasting the final product made you instantly want to share the recipe with others? Now is your opportunity! This month’s challenge is to share a healthy recipe with us at MUS Wellness. Healthy recipes are those that feature vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, whole grains, low-fat dairy, and/or plant-based oils. We will collect the recipes and share several here on our blog for others to enjoy. Original recipes are preferred, but if you have a favorite recipe from a cookbook, online site, etc., just remember to include your source when you share it. And remember – cooking doesn’t necessarily need to be time-consuming or complicated. Sometimes the simplest recipes are the best recipes. One requirement – you have to have actually made and tasted the recipe!

Submit your entries to by Tuesday, September 2nd. By participating in this challenge, your name will be entered into the prize drawing for a cookbook by food writer Mark Bittman titled “How to Cook Everything”.

[Title Page Photo cred: Jaime & Keith Foster from the Trailblazer Challenge]

You must be a Montana University System Insured Plan member to participate.

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