We wanted to share some more fine photos that were shared with us for our Montana Moves July Challenge.  You guys saw and did amazing things!  We received many photos—these are a sampling.  Thanks again for everyone who participated and shared stories and photos!

Hollowtop Lake in the Tobacco Root Mountains. Photo: Michele B., Bozeman.
Kate O. from Missoula scouting (and summiting) Lone Peak in preparation for the Rut 50K!
G LavaLake
Gianna S. from Bozeman discovering Lava Lake in the Spanish Peak Wilderness for the first time.
Mt Siyeh
Leah T. (Helena) and son atop Mt. Siyeh in Glacier National Park.
emerald lake
Lisa V. of Bozeman at Emerald Lake in Hyalite Canyon. “…swatting mosquitoes at Emerald Lake on a trail run (well, I’m either swatting mosquitoes or flagging in a plane). One thing is for sure: I was fighting a losing battle.”—Lisa V.
Boulder Lake Trail
Alicia H. of Missoula ascends towards Boulder Lake in the Rattlesnake area. Alicia said the hike was challenging but beautiful, and recommends it for advanced hikers.
Beehive Basin
Adrian I. from Missoula visits Beehive Basin near Big Sky for the first time.
The Bob
Kathy M. from Great Falls at Headquarters Pass on the edge of the Bob Marshall Wilderness.
David M. of Bozeman stops to get a shot of the Bridger Mountains during the Bangtail Divide Run in July, a 38k trail run.
Neko the dog poses for shot of the Middle Cottonwood drainage on the way up to Saddle Peak in the Bridger Range. Photo by Cody W. of Bozeman.
Trudy Co. of Billings on the Lake Fork Trail near Red Lodge.
Steven P. of Billings shared an epic shot of Twin Lake in the Crazy Mountains.
Robin C. of Bozeman on the summit of Sacagawea Peak, highest point in the Bridger Range.

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