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It’s time to share results from our July COTM drawings, and give our National Bike Challenge update!

July COTM winners:

  • Judy Fredenberg from Missoula was our Montana Meals prize winner for her participation in the “Drink and Be Merry” Challenge.  Judy will receive an AquaZinger Water Bottle to continue those good water-drinking habits.
  • Jori Bullemer from Kalispell and Nic Richardson from Bozeman were our Montana Moves winners for their participation in the “Trailblazer” Challenge. Jori received a signed copy of a Glacier National Park Hiking book, hot off the presses and written by MSU Bozeman’s own Jean Arthur. Nic received a copy of “100 Great Day Hikes Around Bozeman & Greater Yellowstone”, by Mark D. Johnson.

National Bike Challenge:

  • Our two Wellness teams continue to set the pace for Montana, with impressive numbers!
  • The WEST team has eclipsed the EAST team in mileage, but it’s close!
    • WEST 11,057 miles logged
    • EAST 10,957 miles logged
    • Exactly a century ride difference after 3 months of riding. Amazing!!!!
  • Combined, that’s 22,000 miles, the equivalent of riding twice around the perimeter of the continental United States! It’s also equal to the height of a geostationary satellite in space orbit!
  • However, the EAST team leads the Challenge with 30,000 points, due to more frequent rides. (20 points per ride + 1 point per mile).
  • The EAST seems to be “sportier”, categorizing 60% of rides as “Sport”, while the WEST is the efficient bunch, catagorizing 64% of rides as “Transport”.
  • Combined, by riding, our two teams have:
    • Burned 1.2 million calories, equal to 7000 pounds of huckleberries. Or 1470 Growlers of Big Sky Moose Drool Beer. Yum.
    • Saved over $12,000 in gas money.
    • Prevented 10 tons of CO2 from entering our Big Skies!

Awesome job riders!!!

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