The Montana Moves August Challenge is to try a new physical activity. On the first Saturday of August, me, my mom, and my dog Skyler set out on a hike. But unlike many of my hikes, which are destination oriented, this hike had a different mission: we were out to get some fresh huckleberries. Not being a native Montanan, I had never done this before, and even did a little research so I would be sure that I was gathering the correct berries. But on the Hellroaring Creek Trail south of Bozeman, it was pretty obvious. The delicious little purple berries were out in abundance. We would hike, pick, hike, pick, hike, and pick some more. It was amazing how quickly the time flew as we were at our task. Before we knew it we were four miles down the trail. By the time we returned to the trailhead, we had about a quart of huckleberries. My two-year-old son, who has thus far not found a fruit he doesn’t like, was delighted! After this special hike, I felt like a real Montanan! Have fun and be safe out there as you explore your new challenge activity this month! Here are some pics from our Hellroaring Huckleberry trek. Enjoy! NA

A huge boulder greets travelers a couple of miles into the hike. Reminded me of the Easter Island monoliths.
From the Hellroaring Creek bridge at Mile 1.7.
Montana Moves loves the Lee Metcalf Wilderness!
The Storm Castle welcoming us back to the trailhead.

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