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Montana Moves October COTM: WILDCARD!

Throughout the year, we hear lots of great stories from our plan members about physical activity feats they have accomplished– from beginning a regular walking program or doing a single pull-up, to organizing and completing a 50-mile run through the Bob Marshall Wilderness in one day. Regardless of your fitness level, you’ll earn points this month if you create, complete, and then tell us about your own physical activity challenge! Email your entry to by Monday, November 3rd to be eligible for the end-of-the-month prize drawing.

Additional examples to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Do a cumulative event on your own time, for example, one of our members shared a goal of completing the distances of an Ironman Triathlon (2.4 miles of swimming, 112 miles biking, and 26.2 miles running) over a set amount of time like two weeks.
  • New activities, or personal bests always make good goals.
  • Destination hikes, bikes, walks, or runs are fun. They usually end with good food, drink, and friends.
  • Be a Streaker—Start a streak of consecutive exercise days, or consecutive days doing a certain type of exercise.  See how long you can keep the streak alive!
  • Neal will be sharing through our blog two stories of original events he and friends created this summer. Stay tuned!


  • Make this challenge something fun!
  • Invite others to join your challenge or event!
  • Do something that interests you.
  • This is your chance to DO WHAT YOU WANT!

Montana Meals October COTM: Enjoy your Food.

Good nutrition is not only about what we eat, but how we eat. That’s why my 6th Nutritional Tenet is Enjoy Your Food!  Take some time this month to consider and improve your relationship with food using strategies based on the book Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. Use the Log to keep track of the strategies you’ve tried. Email your completed activity log to by Monday, November 3rd to be entered into our Montana Meals end-of-the-month drawing.

You must be a Montana University System Insured Plan member to participate.

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