Success breeds success.

Each year we begin by challenging you to set health & fitness goals for the New Year. And at the end of the year we can’t wait to hear your success stories. Everyone loves a good story. It’s why we go to the movies and read books. It’s why we love to tell stories and to hear someone “spin a good yarn.”  We gravitate toward stories that inspire us; stories that make us feel good.  And often, we find our own narratives quite interesting–if we didn’t, I don’t think Facebook would be quite as popular as it is.

The November COTM for both Moves & Meals is to share your success story: no matter how big or small. Share a sentence or two, a picture, or even write us a whole essay!  We want to share in your success!  Here are some ideas to get you thinking (although you’re certainly not limited to these!):

  • Have you had success, positive changes, or celebrations with:
    • New habits (fitness, nutrition, or general health related)
    • An event or events (finished first 5k, 1/2 marathon, personal best, etc.)
    • An outcome goal (i.e. weight loss, lower blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.)
    • A positive change in lifestyle or life outlook

We’d love to hear not only about what you did, but how you did it! Success breeds success. So share your 2013 successes with us, no matter how small or large, by emailing us at, or fax to 406-994-2391 by Monday, December 1st and you’ll be entered in our monthly prize drawing.

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