Variety is the spice of Life.

We really enjoyed reading about all the creative ideas you all submitted for October’s Wildcard Challenge! Casey T. from Missoula was our prize drawing winner—receiving a winter hat from Pistil and a Montana Moves Water Bottle. Casey’s Wildcard was snorkeling in the Florida Keys, with the challenge being overcoming the fear of “big scary things coming by you” such as sharks and jellyfish. Way to go Casey!

I tried to catch some themes in your submissions, and I wanted to share some of your great ideas. As one of our participants said in her entry: “Variety is the spice of life.”

Trying New Things or Starting New Programs

  • Kickboxing, Rock Climbing, Running, Weight Lifting, Biking, Zuumba, Walking groups, Kettlebells—these are things you guys were inspired to incorporate into your routines. Awesome!

Events or One-Time Accomplishments

  • The Rut 50k, Spartan Race, Marathon with spouse, a Bouldering Competition, Century Ride in Yellowstone, Bangtail Divide Mountain Bike Ride—these are things you did or are currently training for. A big event on the calendar provides excellent motivation.

Hike, Hike, Hike

  • An all-girls hike. Hiking every weekend. “M” Trail Mondays. And destination hikes were plentiful around the state. Many included meals at the end, and many included family and friends. You all did a super job in making this challenge a family affair!

Stepping it Up

  • Many used their new Fitbit to push their fitness level. Challenging friends to step challenges. Streaks involving getting more steps each day of the week, or each week of the month. Streaks to get 10,000 steps everyday. A virtual walk through Glacier using distance. Upping the daily goal from 10k to 12k steps. Having designated walks during lunch, or with the dog after work. Walking to the grocery store. Taking the stairs every time rather than the elevator.

Training for a Specific Fitness Feat

  • 30 pushups. Working up to a 5k. Training to do a cartwheel. Training to do the splits. 100 Kettlebell Snatches in a row! Wow, nice work!

Wildcard Wildcards

  • These didn’t fall into a category above, but are certainly worth sharing:
  • Getting out of the office chair once an hour.
  • Not going 3 consecutive days without exercise (consistency is invaluable in fitness!)
  • Building a hugelkulter garden (had to Google that one)
  • We heard from so many pregnant women about how they were staying fit through pregnancy—way to go moms!
  • and perhaps our favorite…
    • Mini-dance parties in the office, happening spontaneously throughout the week, and every Friday morning! LOVE. IT.

Thanks to all our awesome participants! You guys Rock! This challenge once again emulated the Montana Moves High-Five!

  • Move More, Sit Less
  • Find Balance in Life
  • Move Better
  • Play Outside
  • Have Fun!



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