Here’s a Re-Blog from last January. The big cold came earlier this year, so I thought I’d repost! Stay warm out there!

Montana Moves

One of my friends from New York City enjoys texting me Montana weather reports like this one when it’s particularly cold and nasty out. bozeman weather2

But Montanans are tough, and we can’t let a little cold stand in the way of us staying moving and getting outside.  This weekend, despite the fact that it was zero degrees, I still got out and ran, and was relatively comfortable, thanks to the right combination of layers.

If you want to be active in the cold—running, walking, snowshoeing, or cross-country skiing—think in threes.  Three layers: Base, Warmth, and Shell.

Base Layer

Your base layer is the layer of clothing that rests directly against your skin.   This layer should be a relatively lightweight, wicking fabric.  Synthetic materials like nylon & polyester blends work well.  There are some lightweight, high-performance natural options as well—Merino wool is one of my favorites.  Again, the main purpose of the base layer is to…

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