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Montana Moves December Challenge: Photo of the Year!

Let’s celebrate the end of 2014 by looking at some of the places we’ve romped in Big Sky Country! The purpose of Montana Moves is to encourage Montanans to enjoy being active in the Last Best Place, so we want to see where you’ve been! Submit your best photo(s) from your 2014 ventures. Categories are:

  • Nature
  • Adventure/Travel
  • Action

Rules:  You may submit up to 3 photos. If you have submitted photos for past challenges this year, we will be looking at those as well, but feel free to submit others. Entries are due by December 31st at midnight! Email your Photo of the Year to with subject: Photo14 or Tweet to @montanamoves. Have fun!

*This challenge is a Blog Exclusive! You’ll find a different Montana Moves challenge on our online-incentive site. 

*Cover Photo on blog homepage was submitted by Jori Bullemer during our July Trailblazer challenge.

Where did your adventures take you in 2014?
Where did your adventures take you in 2014?

Montana Meals December Challenge: On the Right Track!

Keeping a food journal can be an eye-opening experience, so we’re challenging you this month to track your food intake for 3 days. By recording everything you eat and drink, you’ll get a better idea of exactly how much you’re eating, what you might be having too much of, and where you’re missing out. You might also notice patterns — like restricting what you eat all day only to chow down at night, or turning to junk food for a mid-afternoon snack.

We recommend using MyFitnessPal, a free app and website, to track your intake, but you can use whatever app/website/method you’d like, including regular ol’ pen & paper! When you complete this challenge you will be eligible for the Montana Meals end-of-the-month prize drawing.

*If you are participating in our online incentive program, simply join the challenge online and track. If you are a spouse, retiree, or not participating online, you can email your log to with the subject Track by Monday, December 29th to be eligible to win!

Did you know?
We make over 200 food-related decisions a day, and most of them are done on autopilot.


You must be a Montana University System Insured Plan member to participate.

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