Here’s the first edition of our 2014 Wellness Stories. This one comes from Janna at MSU Billings. Great stuff!

I have always been aware of the importance of the benefits of exercise and healthy nutrition. But, sometimes it seems like a lot of effort is required to follow a good diet and get daily exercise. It is way too easy to let work and family squeeze out a healthy lifestyle.

In early 2012, my husband blessed our household with a Goldendoodle puppy. From that time on, I was committed to daily exercise, whether I felt like it or not, even during rain, snow, and subzero temperatures. I gradually became more fit and active.

MUS Wellness program introduced Limeade in 2014. I was excited about the program and incentives. As soon as I earned a Fitbit, I was off and running! I love setting goals for myself, and the Fitbit provided an excellent way to measure my efforts and progress. I became so incentivized by the Fitbit that my husband decided to buy one for himself. Now, he is walking with Buckley (our puppy) and me most evenings and on weekends. He is setting goals for himself and is getting healthier.

I will definitely continue to set higher exercise goals for myself. I have gotten in the habit of taking time during the workday, morning, noon and afternoon, to get up from my desk and go outside and speed walk around our building. I find that I am less stiff and sore and have more energy at the end of the day be doing this. And, the steps and activity really add up on my Fitbit! I have also begun using free weights to exercise my upper body and now am doing sit ups to improve my core muscles.

WellCheck has been a positive experience for me, as I am more regular in having blood panels done. My cholesterol was creeping higher, and being more aware of that has caused me to make changes in my diet. I’ve already dropped 10 points in total cholesterol and will keep working to improve on my numbers with diet and exercise.

Thank you, MSU Billings, MUS Wellness and Limeade program for providing tools and incentives to encourage a healthy lifestyle. My husband and I really appreciate it and will continue to participate and work to improve any areas of our health that are possible.

We are looking forward to a healthy 2015 and wish the same for everyone else!

Janna M.
MSU Billings

Personal Trainer:  Buckley.
Personal Trainer: Buckley.

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