As we’ve mentioned before, we were overwhelmed with your Wellness Stories last month—every one of them amazing! While we’d like to share more of them in their entirety, there’s just so many! So in addition to continuing to share some of the full stories, we thought it would be fun to highlight some comments that stood out to us within your stories, and that you will hopefully find both enlightening and encouraging. Enjoy these snippets!

  • With the support of my husband, I have been able to carve out an hour or two an evening to go to the gym…I feel better, as in, I have more energy, I am more flexible, and I have started teaching a class as well.  I encourage everyone who is thinking of making a change to do so…You have to make yourself make time for you.  J.F. –Billings
  • I wanted to lose the weight in a sustainable fashion – I kept a journal on what triggered my eating, I read a lot on nutrition and health, and it took a long time – a really long time – to modify my diet to where I didn’t feel like I was dieting. It took about a year to actually start losing weight, but I’ve comfortably lost 20 pounds and I know I’m doing it slowly, steadily, and in a way that I can maintain it. I know I’ve learned a lot about stress management and nutrition in the process. Doing smaller things on a continuous basis has helped me get back to a better life balance, rather than forcing myself into some kind of a fad diet for short-term results. It was very frustrating, because it took so long to get started, but I’m glad I stuck with it. I’m in a place where I know I can maintain this balance and keep comfortably losing weight. S.G. –Missoula
  • Because of the physical demands of being in the outdoors, I am trying to get in a regular routine of exercises using a kettle bell and body weight exercises.  Couple this with the feedback provided from my Take Control coach I believe that 2015 will be a good year! R.B. –Bozeman
  • I will continue to build on my success by staying focused on the value and benefit of self-discipline. In taking care of self, I add value and benefit to my own life and living and that of others.  R.D. —Dillon
  • Decided this was the year to turn around too many years of poor eating and exercise habits. I’ve lost 62 pounds. W.M.  –Bozeman
  • Since I started making time to increase my activity and do video workouts at home I have noticed an increase in energy and alertness…This motivates me to keep going and eat better with home cooked meals…I look forward to keeping up the momentum and see the results of my work. N.R.  –Dillon
  • In the end, I realized that exercise is not easy, and rewards (although very sweet) sometimes don’t come quick.  I also learned that you have to push yourself when you plateau.  But more importantly, I learned that – even with major life events taking place – my fitness and health have to continue to be my priority.  M.B. –Missoula

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