Time to announce our big winners from the end of 2014! First off, we’d just like to say thank you again to everyone who participated in both our MUS Wellness Incentive Program, and our Montana Moves & Montana Meals Challenges of the Month.  We hope you had fun and got healthier along the way!  We’re looking forward to the re-launch of the Incentive Program on Monday, January 12th.  You can already get a jump on the January Challenge right here on montanamovesandmeals.com.

We have eleven big winners to share with you.  And the winners are…[drumroll please]

Montana Moves & Montana Meals Challenge of the Month Winners:

  • Nichole Borst, Head Athletic Trainer from MSU Northern in Havre, wins a leather journal for participating in the November “Share Your Wellness Story” Challenge. Thanks for sharing Nichole!
  • P.S. from Missoula also wins a leather journal for sharing a Wellness Story in November.
  • Jen von Sehlon, Program Coordinator for the Dept. of Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Sciences from UM Missoula, wins a Joby portable camera Tripod for submitting a “Photo of the Year” as part of our Montana Moves December COTM.
  • Amanda Badovinac, Director of Marketing and P.R. at Montana Tech in Butte, wins a Montana shaped cutting board for her participation in the Montana Meals December COTM.

Montana Moves & Montana Meals 2014 End of Year Prize Drawing Winners:

Drawn from all of our COTM participants from 2014—nearly a thousand names!

  • Teressa Keenan, Professor & Librarian from UM Missoula, wins a Kitchen Aid Mixer!
  • W.R. from Bozeman, wins a GoPro4 Video Camera!

Trailblazer REI Giftcard Winners:

If you earned the top level of Trailblazer as part of our Incentive Program, congratulations! Four lucky winners were drawn from a pool of nearly 500 Trailblazers statewide.  They are…

  • Megan Chilson, Program Coordinator for HHD, UM Western, Dillon.
  • Jennifer Sofie, Assistant Clinical Professor, College of Nursing, MSU Bozeman.
  • Andrea B. from MSU Billings.
  • Mark Greenwood, Professor of Mathematical Sciences, MSU Bozeman.
Neal congratulating Trailblazer Mark Greenwood of MSU Bozeman on his REI Giftcard score! (Next year, this could be you!)
Neal congratulating Trailblazer Mark Greenwood of MSU Bozeman on his REI Giftcard score! (Next year, this could be you!)

Top Trailblazer!

And finally, one Trailblazer who blazed a path ahead of all others, Lewis and Clark style:  Luke Buckley, Software Engineer from Montana Tech in Butte, finished with 969 points.  Rock on Luke!!!

Congratulations to all our winners!

Thank you for participating and being part of a very exciting year for MUS Wellness.  You’re all winners to us!  We’re looking forward to the new 2015 Expedition launching Monday.  We can’t wait to see where the journey will lead!

Your MUS Wellness Team,

Cristin, Kelsey, & Neal

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