As your 2015 Goals continue rolling in as part of the January Challenge of the Month, let’s continue to look back on the shared success of many of you in 2014. Much of this success came largely in part having a vision, setting appropriate goals, and modifying/implementing behaviors to support the goals and vision. See if you can pick out those themes in these short stories, while finding inspiration in the success of your peers!

  • Between June 2013 and 2014 I made the goal of running over 1000 miles during the year and culminating the end of that goal with my first ever half-marathon. I ended up getting in 1100 miles for the year and completing my half marathon in less than 2 hours, which for a first time is an awesome accomplishment. Not only was I able to run the 13 miles without stopping by the end of my training, but I also changed my diet and started incorporating much more healthy and nutritionally full meals in order to help me gain strength and speed. Running also helped to boost my attitude, giving me a way to vent any stress that I was feeling.  K.S.  –Bozeman
  • I’m still a work in progress. I sometimes get lazy about exercise, and often give in to cravings for junk food.  But generally speaking, I feel better than I have in years.  I love it when I’m feeling healthy, and if I’m not doing so well, I need to remind myself about how good that feeling is.  Others have seen a change in me, and I think maybe seeing that change has encouraged them to try to live a healthier lifestyle.  J.M. –Missoula
  • We use smaller dinner plates. I’ve been working for some time on portion control and weight management, and while it’s a tiny trick, it’s been effective for not only me but also my husband. His overactive metabolism finally caught up with him, and his eating habits have had to change in order to maintain his weight. It’s a small change, but I hope that it will be a starting place for me. Certainly it’s something that I will be able to keep up with – the new plates are here to stay. J.P. –Great Falls
  • I started making gym time a priority. 3-4 times I week I ran, biked, or lifted weights. I signed myself up for the Run to the Pub, even though I’d never run that far in my life. I stopped drinking soda and tried to cut out sugar. A year later, I weigh about 20 pounds less than I did…I’m eating healthier, running regularly (and I hate it far less), and have started using free weights. I feel good.  I had to set all new fitness goals, because I made all my former ones! A.R. –Bozeman
  • I was motivated to take action after the fall Wellcheck last year. I’ve been meeting with [Take Control] since November 2013.  My cholesterol was elevated.  [Since then] I’ve made healthier eating choices, have lost some weight, and have been implementing fish oil into my daily routine.  I also bought a treadmill so when the weather’s not good for exercise outside I can still get some exercise on my treadmill!  Love it!  The changes I’ve made in my life have also integrated over to my husband.  Since I started buying healthier foods he also began “getting into” what I was doing.  He began looking for new healthy recipes for us to try.  It’s been fun!  K.V. –Kalispell  
  • The road to understanding what true wellness means was long but I feel that I am finally in a place where I put my physical and mental health first, sometimes at the expense of getting errands or work done, but for the best personally. I regularly run, bike, practice yoga, eat healthful meals and no longer smoke, visit fast food chains or drink soda. I am very satisfied with where I am today and this program helps keep my honest with myself!  K.L. –Bozeman

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