it’s spring/when the world is puddle-wonderful

 From in Just-  by e.e. cummings

Today ushers in Spring as our days and nights are balanced, and we breathe a sign of relief knowing that the days only get longer and longer from here.

Many people like to recognize or celebrate the Equinox as a symbol of balance. If you’re feeling a bit “off-balance” in life, today is a great time to make a refreshing, Spring-like choice.  Here’s some ideas to get your creative juices going:

  • Revisit and assess your January goals. Make any changes and adjustments if you’re not on track.
  • Put an event on your Spring Calendar and sign up!  Perhaps a 5k or other community race? Check the link for events in your area!
  • Plan your own Spring outings/trips/adventures or create a Spring activity To-Do list!
  • Dust off your spring/summer outdoor gear and get it ready for action, repairing, replacing, and upgrading as needed.
  • Plan a spring home DIY project such as a new piece of decor, indoor flower arrangements, or garden. Get the family involved too!
  • Look for volunteer opportunities in your community.  Many local organizations will be having some big spring events coming up!

Being that the 2nd Montana Moves High Five is “Find Balance in Life”, we thought this would be a nice reminder of the upcoming webinar next Wednesday.  We hope you can tune-in!

Montana Moves & Meals wishes you a wonderful spring of fun and balance! WooHoo!

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