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This is a reblog from the original post last year.

Montana Moves

When Cristin and I started writing this blog, we decided that one of the first things we should write about were our individual philosophies on exercise and nutrition, and how they relate to health and wellness. We posted our philosophies in October, 2012. When Cristin wrote her philosophy, she neatly broke out her beliefs about nutrition into what we later called “Cristin’s 6 Nutritional Tenets”. When I read Cristin’s philosphy I thought, “Wow, these are simple, easy to understand guidelines that allow for individual freedoms, and I believe that if everyone followed them Montana would be a healthier state.”  I’ve been jealous ever since.  Recently I went back and revisited my exercise philosophy and tried to formulate my beliefs as Cristin did: in a way that summarizes my philosophy, but also could serve as guidelines for people trying to live healthy, high-quality lives.  I didn’t come up with 6, but…

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