Confused about cholesterol and eggs? Want to know more about sugar substitutes? Wondering if you should follow a gluten-free diet? If yes, you’re not alone! Those were a few of the big questions that emerged after combing through the nutrition questions that were sent in for this month’s Montana Meals Challenge of the Month. Join us on Tuesday, April 14th at 12:05pm for our webinar titled “Everything you wanted to know about Nutrition but we afraid to ask” as we discuss the current research regarding those questions, along with several other intriguing nutrition topics.  Although I can’t promise I’ll cover everything you want to know about nutrition, I will do my best to cover a variety of topics based on your questions including fish consumption, multi-vitamins, coffee, juicing, and boosting metabolism. Register for the webinar here today!

Also, because so many of your questions were a variation of “What is the best balance of carbs/fats/proteins? And what are the best & worst sources of each?” we’re devoting an entire upcoming webinar to the topic! Date TBA soon. Stay tuned!


Montana Meals_notext

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