MUS Wellness was recognized this week as the winner of the large employer Healthy Workforce Productivity Award, by the Montana Association of Health Care Purchasers (MAHCP). We were honored to receive the award on behalf of our entire Wellness/Benefits team, and feel it is a great reflection of our many employees and staff who actively pursue the betterment of health in order to live high quality, high impact lives!

The award reads:

In recognition of leadership in the area of health and productivity, this award honors an employer that has worked with its employees to develop, implement, and measure an innovative health and productivity initiative.

Thanks for being a part of this by your participation and partnership with MUS Wellness, and thanks for being our healthy, productive MUS workforce! May you continue to enjoy your journey in the quest for health and happiness! Much more is to come!

Neal and Cristin got all cleaned up to accept the major award. A colleague from It Starts With Me had trouble recognizing Neal in a tie.


One thought on “A Major Award!

  1. Congrats team! You both do such a wonderful job…we are lucky as MUS employees to have you guys as our Wellness Team.

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