Last month, a team of nine from Great Falls College completed the Montana Spartan Sprint Obstacle race in Bigfork. Here’s a recap from two of the team members:

“The best part of the Spartan Race has been my connection with my new Spartan Brothers and Sisters! This was my second year completing the Spartan Race. I invited others from the school to join my team. There were nine of us at the starting line and nine of us made it to the finish line. It was a great bonding experience to prepare and complete the course.

Training for the race encourages participants to learn how to improve overall fitness including strength, endurance, and flexibility of upper body, lower body and the core. Post-race, we have been sharing our scrapes, bruises, and challenges. One of the biggest challenges was carrying a pail of gravel uphill and downhill about ¾ of the way through the race. The obstacle itself was one of the hardest and knowing that you still had lots of obstacles ahead made many of us consider stopping. But a major part of engaging in a competition like Spartan is learning how to dig deep when the obstacle seems impossible and downright crazy.”  –Susan Cooper

“Participating in a Spartan race requires one part craziness and two parts grit and determination – and it really helps to be part of a team!   Without the moral support and encouragement or the physical help with obstacles from my teammates (Frankie, Kevin and Kyle), a challenging race would have been impossible. So if you want to tackle a Spartan race, make sure you run it with teammates who will stick with you throughout the race. Train hard, especially running or climbing up hills and do lots of upper body work. Finishing a Spartan race is the accomplishment of a lifetime, finishing as part of a team makes it all the better!”  –Elfie Neber

The Great Falls Spartan Team. Nine started, nine finished! Well done!

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