Marathon weekend is a big deal in Missoula, with multiple events and thousands of participants, volunteers, and spectators coming together to create a spectacular scene on the Clark Fork.

MUS Wellness was proud to sponsor a group of UM employees that trained together and undertook the Corporate Challenge 5K. For many of the participants, it was their very first race, which is something the Corporate Challenge encourages.

Congrats to everyone who participated in this event, as well as all you Marathon and Half-Marathon finishers! A big thanks to Jen von Sehlen, Kelsi Camp, and our UM Wellness Champions for putting this together. Here are some pics from the Challenge and comments from some of the participants. Photos are courtesy of Vo von Sehlen (

It was great fun and it felt good!! Looking forward to next year’s team!! —J.T.

2015 Missoula 5K - Team UM-4
Our Team working out the pre-race jitters in a healthy way.

This was my first time to ever attempt something like this, and I enjoyed it, rain and all. —M.L.

We were always so well informed, well organized and WELCOMED!—M.C.

2015 Missoula 5K - Team UM-6
The confident coaches.

It was my first timed activity (since high school) and I had a great time. After our event I walked (and awkwardly jogged) the rest of the kid’s marathon with my 6-year-old son. We both went home with happy smiles! I look forward to next year! —M.E.

2015 Missoula 5K - Team UM-23

[Jen and Kelsi] both are terrific coaches! Very encouraging and shared good tips!
Thank you!!! I hope you guys had a great time at the HALF! Excellent job! That’s my next goal. —T.S.

2015 Missoula 5K - Team UM-27

Thanks for the kick in the pants, and for the great organizational work and perks. —K.J.

Walking fast in the rain challenged me completely, but when I crossed the finish line and got my medal, it was all worth it! —R.

2015 Missoula 5K - Team UM-13
See you next year!

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