That makes me want to go on a hike.  —Cristin Stokes

Upon seeing the previous Trailblazing post, Cristin said that it made her want to get out and go for a hike.  And that’s really the whole point right? So, as promised, and as a “Happy Friday” gift to you, here are some more of our favorite Trailblazer photos submitted by you guys as part of our Montana Moves July Challenge. We hope they make you want to get out and go for a hike this weekend!

Enjoy these shots from around our great State! You guys are amazing!

Walter B Above the M
Walter B and hiking buddy from Bozeman high above the ‘ole College M in the Bridger Mountains.
Dionne P Kaslo River
Dionne P from Missoula made it an International challenge at the Kaslo River in B.C. Canada!
Connie H Highline Trail in Glacier
Connie H from Kalispell on the famed Highline trail in Glacier National Park.
Christa M Mt. Pfeifferhorn UT
Christa M from Bozeman looking no worse for wear after gaining 5000 feet of elevation to perch atop Mt. Pfeifferhorn down in Utah.
Josh P
Joshua P from Billings shared this awesome shot of Sylvan Lake in the Beartooths. Josh was also our Prize drawing winner for this challenge!  Way to go Josh!
Another shot from the Highline, this time by Katherine S from Missoula. This stunning panoramic captures the dizzying depths of the canyons and mountains in GNP.
Leann F TB2
We love it when the little ones get to go! Leann F from Bozeman and son visit History Rock in Hyalite Canyon for the first time.
…and more Glacier… Lindsay B from Havre on Triple Divide Pass in GNP. Wow!!
Gary T
One surefire way to get your photo included in our blog is to wear an awesome 406 Tshirt! This one was submitted by Gary T from Missoula, en route to Morrell Falls.

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