If you follow this blog, we like you. You pay attention to Wellness. You’re in it to win it. There’s also a good chance you participate in our MUS Wellness Incentive program, and do your best to participate in our live and online education.

Therefore, we just wanted to call your attention to a little known secret. Did you know that a list of our newly released live workshops resides at the bottom of this very page? (If you’re reading this on your email, you’ll have to visit the actual site).

You should check it out. Bottom right hand corner, in orange. You can check out what we’re bringing to your campus and register from there if you’re interested. (We have more than 4 events too—note the “Next” button).

Thanks for following along, and thanks for making your health and well-being a priority!

We (Neal & Cristin) are looking forward to traveling to all our great universities and colleges around the state this fall, and hope to see you at our events!

See you soon!

We're looking forward to cooking for you this fall...and doing some exercise too!
We’re looking forward to cooking for you this fall…and doing some exercise too!

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