I’m getting excited about this week’s webinar! Last April, we asked you to ask us any questions you might have regarding exercise and nutrition. Those of you who asked nutrition questions got some quick gratification by being able to hear Cristin answer questions in May and June (If you missed those webinars, I’m linking them on the bottom of the post).

For the exercise questions, the wait has been longer, but is almost over! I received over a thousand questions, and the questions you asked were thoughtful and impressive. While I obviously can’t get to a thousand questions in one hour, I’ll be hitting some of the more popular themes, and we’re planning a lot of follow-up education to continue answering these!

Here are some of the themes we’ll cover on Wednesday:

  • Exercise Guidelines & Types
  • Weight Loss/Fat Loss
  • Injury/Recovery/Prevention
  • Resistance Training
  • Cardiovascular Training
  • Mobility/Flexibility
  • Core Training
  • Nutrition
  • Motivation

That’s a lot of ground to cover…I better get back to work on i! With this lineup of questions you can bet there will be something for everyone to learn.

Tune in this Wednesday (9/16) at 12:05pm. If you can’t make it, we record and archive all our webinars on our home Wellness site.

We’re also excited to be broadcasting live in front of a studio audience in the MSU Billings Library. We hope to have a raucous crowd there!

See you in Billings or in the Cyberworld Wednesday!


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