Hi. We’re back!

After being on the road for most of the fall, your Wellness crew is back in the office, which allows us to play a little catch up, and start getting ready for 2016!

I just finished reading all of the Wildcard stories & challenges you guys shared as part of our October challenge. As usual, I have to say that I was very impressed, and enjoyed reading all of the creative ways you guys challenged yourselves.

Here are some of the highlights you guys shared as part of your Wildcards. In the month of October, you all collectively:

  • Rode a bike 30 out of 31 days.
  • Put in 332 miles in the month on a goal of 10 miles a day
  • Posted perfect attendance in a group exercise class
  • Tried a new group exercise class
  • Ran your first 5k
  • Started training for a 5k…1/2 Marathon…Ironman Triathlon
  • Did 100 flights of stairs a week
  • Wrote out your 2016 goals/plans
  • Increased intensity of weights or cardio
  • Ran up a hill that could previously only be walked
  • Took 40,000 steps in one day
  • Had an exercise date (Oh la la)
  • Hiked a summit for the first time
  • Ran on the beach
  • Went on a 40 mile bike ride
  • Hiked the M trail twice a week
  • Began a strength training routine, and…
  • Danced till the music stopped at a wedding reception!

Way to go MUS!!! You guys are amazing. Keep getting after it, being creative, and having fun with your exercise routines! Variety is the spice of life.

Now it’s on to reading your 2015 Wellness stories. We’ll be sharing many of these in the days and weeks to come!

Thanks for sharing with us. We’re proud of you!


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