Thanksgiving break is here. It’s snowing as I write this. I’m drinking coffee and Cristin and I are pouring though the hundreds of 2015 Wellness stories you guys are sending our way. Life is good.

As we read your success stories, it makes us feel really grateful to work with and for such a diverse group of people, all with different goals and dreams. You guys make our jobs fun (most of the time, anyway 😉 )

Your Wellness Team is wishing all of you a restful, relaxing, and festive Thanksgiving! In December you can look forward to us sharing many success stories with you.

We’re also actively planning our 2016 programming, and are excited for another year of fun challenges, education, and all the time moving toward better health and well-being.

For all of you participating in a Turkey Day race of some sort—stay warm out there! You might want to check out one of our posts about cold weather:  Baby it’s Cold Outside.

Enjoy the Holiday!

Neal Andrews & Cristin Stokes


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