Our 2016 Incentive Program launched on Monday (1/11), and we hope many of you have had the chance to log in, check out the new challenges, and get started. The Wellness Team is aiming to hit the Million Step Club by May 1st. Who’s with us?!

Before we get too far with the 2016 program though, we wanted to take a moment to wrap-up our 2015 program, and share some of the amazing successes that you all achieved.

In planning last year’s (2015) incentive program, our Wellness team wanted to make a “stretch” goal for our top level—something that would only be reachable by someone who was in it to win it from the beginning to the end. We are proud to announce that 79 individuals made it. These people, from all across the Montana University System, took the program seriously, participated in nearly every challenge offered, and really set the bar high. Below is a list of the amazing individuals who reached Expedition Leader during our 2015 program. If you work with any of these people, or see them on your campus, please give them a big high-five for their incredible achievement! Well done Expedition Leaders!

Flathead Valley Community College

  • Leslie Beard
  • Chris Clouse
  • Amelia Ward
  • Adam Wenz

Great Falls College MSU

  • Karen Vosen

Helena College

  • Amy Kong
  • Joyce Walborn

Miles Community College

  • Don Warner

Montana State University Billings

  • Frank Cookson
  • Tami Haaland
  • Janice Ouldhouse
  • Jessica Torgerson-Lundin
  • Sue Weinreis

Montana State University Bozeman

  • Susan Andrus
  • Lisa Bogar
  • Aaron Britton
  • Christy Cousino
  • Alisha Downs
  • Jim Espeland
  • Julie Geyer
  • Steve Glow (MSU Nursing Missoula Campus)
  • Jacinta Harris
  • Sarah Hendrikx
  • Kayte Kaminski
  • Qasim Khan (MSU Southern AES Research Center)
  • Peggy Lamb (MSU Northern AES Research Center)
  • Jocelyn Larson
  • Michael Lindberg
  • Ara Meskimen
  • Ana Murphy
  • Maureen Parsons
  • Ramie Pederson
  • Kathy Rich
  • Amy Ross
  • Kelly Shepardson
  • Jennifer Storment
  • Lindsey Tollefson

Montana State University Northern

  • Katherine Williams

Montana Tech

  • Luke Buckley
  • Doug Cameron
  • Marilyn Cameron
  • Colleen Fink
  • Bev Hartline
  • Cathy Isakson
  • Joanne Lee
  • Sean Milligan
  • Dan Owens
  • Kim Roberts
  • Debbie Smith

Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education (OCHE)

  • Mary Lachenbruch
  • Jane Liedle

University of Montana Missoula

  • Gabriel Ansah
  • Michael Bloom
  • Ken Chatriand
  • Angie Cronin
  • Carla Fritz
  • Dan Grogan
  • Brent Harshbarger
  • Shelley Harshbarger
  • John Heaney
  • Joshua Herbold
  • T.K.
  • Marian Langston
  • Sarah Miller
  • Dionne Peterson
  • Emmalee Plenger
  • Hannah Singleton
  • Gerry Steele
  • Karel Stroethoff

University of Montana Western

  • Lexi Benson
  • Jenny Fox
  • Cecelia Kuskie

Four randomly drawn Expedition Leaders were also the lucky winners of our top prize gift cards: Luke Buckley (Montana Tech), Ana Murphy (MSU Bozeman), Shelley Harshbarger (UM Missoula), and Julie Geyer (MSU Bozeman). Congrats!

Lastly, one of our final challenges of 2015 was called Race to the Finish, in which points were awarded to employees on each campus that achieved an overall participation rate of 60% or higher. We had some serious cheerleaders for our incentive program as a result of the challenge, and we appreciate all of your efforts to recruit coworkers to the program. Thanks to you, we have over 55% of our eligible population now signed up for the incentive program. The top 3 campuses, by participation rate, were the following:

  1. Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education (74%)
  2. Great Falls College (71%)
  3. Flathead Valley Community College (70%)

Thanks again for making 2015 a successful year for MUS Wellness. We hope the program challenged you to move more, eat better, make health a priority, and have a little fun along the way.  Onward to 2016!

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