I went for a nice bike ride at lunch today, starting off National Bike Month in style. The weather was a sun-drenched 65, and the smell of spring was palpable. One can only assume that the weather will hold and every day of May will be just like today…right?

Whether it’s rain, shine, snow or wind; May is National Bike Month, and the simplest way to celebrate is to jump on a bike and go for ride, having fun like a kid.

Here are some ideas and resources to maximize your bike experience this month and all summer long.

  • Bike to Work Week is May 16th-20th, and National Bike to work day is Friday, May 20th. Ride to work every day you can and take advantage of some awesome events in your area! Look for community event postings and local businesses who participate in this fun week.
  • Go for a ride with your family!
  • Explore: Find a trail, bike lane, or route you’ve never ridden and expand your territory.
  • Go on a bike date with a loved one or friend for some coffee, a bite, or a drink.
  • Pick a destination and ride! Here’s a great resources from Montana Tourism:
  • If you commute by bike, calculate the money you save this month and buy yourself that [health-promoting] thing you’ve been wanting, or take the family out for a celebration at the end of the month.
  • If you want a bike challenge that lasts all summer long, you like logging miles, and you don’t mind a little healthy competition, then the National Bike Challenge is for you. Join one of our Wellness Teams (East or West) and start logging your miles.

Play Outside & Have Fun (on a bike)!


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