2016 has not been the most uplifting year as far as the national/world news cycle goes.

But this month, we read some news that, for health professionals in the state of Montana, made our hearts leap for joy. Am I exaggerating here? No…seriously, my heart leapt for joy in my chest. I’m still beaming about this a couple of weeks later.

So what’s this big news?

The adult obesity rate in four states, including Montana, went down this year!

(If this were a text message, I would string together a bunch of exuberant emoji’s at this point, including the explosion and the birthday party one. Are you feeling my enthusiasm?)

This is big time, amazing news. For the past three decades, the adult obesity rate has done nothing but skyrocket at an alarming rate across our country. This is really the first report that we are beginning to slow, or in the case of Montana, Minnesota, New York, and Ohio, even reverse the trend.

There is still a lot of work to be done. Obesity remains arguably the biggest threat to our national health and a primary driver of our ever-increasing health care costs. But news like this shows that our national bad health crisis isn’t a foregone conclusion. It’s a matter of how we live and the choices we make day-in and day-out. Doom and gloom it seems, are reversible.

So Montana, way to go! We are an anomaly. We are bucking the trend! We’ve also moved from the 11th least obese state, to number 4, in the last five years. Only Colorado, Hawaii, and Washington D.C. have lower obesity rates. This is awesome.

For more details, and to read full reports about the #stateofobesity in the U.S. and Montana, check out these links.

Neal 🙂


2 thoughts on “Happy Friday, here’s some awesome news!

  1. This is great news! Your enthusiasm is appropriate and appreciated, Neal! Thanks for all you and your team have done to help all of at UM and within the MUS System impact this trend.

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