MUS Wellness wants to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who put the “Giving” in Thanksgiving this past week!

The Annual Can the Griz/Can the Cats food drive brought in over 400,000 lbs. of food and $230,000 to local food banks. Amazing.

Then, many of you did something healthy for yourselves and your communities by participating in a Thanksgiving Day race. Turkey Day running events recently overtook the 4th of July as America’s most popular race day, and some experts predicted that over 1,000,000 runners, joggers, and walkers would participate in 2016—making this Thanksgiving the biggest race day ever!

This Thanksgiving could be the Biggest Race Day Ever–RW

Many of these local races like Huffing for Stuffing in Bozeman, the Turkey Day Family Fun Run in Missoula, Burn the Bird in Great Falls, and Run Turkey Run in Billings help raise money for local food banks or community projects.

Here in Bozeman, we had a brisk but beautiful morning for the 10th Annual Huffing for Stuffing Race. MUS Wellness also sponsored an MSU team of 92 members, which was the biggest team in Huffing for Stuffing history! Nice work MSU!

MUS Wellness is making a donation of $460 on behalf of our MSU team toward the Gallatin Valley Food Bank.

Thanks to all of you who got out of bed early and braved the cold to do something positive for yourselves and your communities! And thanks to everyone who put the giving in Thanksgiving this year!

The Andrews & Stokes families representing the Wellness Team from MSU!

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