In keeping with our traditions, here at MUS Wellness we end the year by asking you to share your health and wellness success stories with us. And as usual, you did not disappoint! We’re still pouring over the hundreds of stories you sent us, big and small, and we’ll be sharing many of those with you over the next several weeks!

We’re going to start today with a blizzard of awesome success story snipits for this cold, snowy day! Enjoy!

  • When I first entered into the program I wanted to focus on losing weight, feeling healthy, and getting into better shape. Little did I know that by going through this experience I (with the help of many) would be crafting a better version of myself for the future. —A.S. Bozeman
  • My food choices have changed since my time in [the wellness program]…I eat more veggies, take smaller portions, and eat breakfast more often. I lost 20 lbs, felt my core become stronger, and have had less lower back pain since I have focused on my health…Hell, I even bought KALE last week!  —E.G. Billings
  • I am 15 to 20 pounds lighter than I was three years ago.  With the encouragement and determination of two co-workers I have become a person craving and enjoying regular, energetic walks.  We walk each workday afternoon for 40 minutes.  —Pam
  • I find that when I participate in a challenge and keep track of it every day, it soon becomes a habit that stays with me even when the challenge is over. —D.C. Bozeman
  • As I get older, living a healthy lifestyle is more and more important. I thought a lot this year about how I wanted to live my life and I choose to be healthy and happy! I decided to take 2 separate vacations this year. Both included hiking with friends in Jasper and Banff National Parks and in Glacier National Park. I trained for these trips and before I went was averaging 6 miles a day hiking and trail running. The trips were such a motivation to get me out and exercising in nature which is my favorite place to be. The longest hike on the the trip was a 18.5 mile loop and I crushed it!  —L.M. 
  • I’ve increased my steps. Most days are over 15000 as compared to 10000 last year.  I have increased my intake of vegetables.  Through the various workshops on nutrition I have found useful ways to prepare and enjoy vegetables.  During Halloween I wasn’t tempted by the candy that I had for the trick-or-treaters.  I have started trying to encourage my co-workers to try and be more healthy.  Some of them have been going with me during the day for a walk.   —J.G. Missoula

So awesome. Multiply by hundreds! We have much more to share! Until then, enjoy the weekend and stay warm!

Your Wellness Team

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