Of the 957 MUS Wellness Incentive Program participants who achieved Trailblazer or Expedition Leader in 2016, we randomly drew 10 names to receive a $250 contribution into a Tax-Advantaged Account (TAA). Here are our lucky winners:

  • Donna Beall, UM Missoula
  • Luke Buckley, Montana Tech Butte
  • Chris Degenhardt, FVCC Kalispell
  • Catherine Ebelke, MSU Bozeman
  • Stacey Fairweather, MSU Bozeman
  • Anne Kish, UMW Dillon
  • Deanna Nash, MSU Bozeman
  • Mary North-Abbott, Montana Tech Butte
  • Sara Schroeder, UM Missoula
  • Cindy Urbaniak, MSUB Billings

Congratulations to our winners and participants! We had a tremendous year! Just a reminder, that our incentive site is still live and available, but is going through a refresh period. We’ll have a full launch with point-challenges, step-challenges, and new incentives on April 1st! We’re also setting up our spring education schedule, and will be releasing dates as they are set. Stay tuned!

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