written on Friday, April 28th.

…to everything there is a season…

As spring Wellchecks come to a close we find ourselves back in the office. But this time, we get to post-up for a while. And as the snowflakes continue to drift in front of our Wellness window on this late April day, it’s time to reflect back upon our often wintry spring travels. Here a few highlights:

  • Cross-country skiing in deep snow outside Dillon with a surprise guest—Gordy the overweight beagle. Gordy, though his legs were short, was not deterred about trailblazing for us in the deep snow, leaving his belly print with every enthusiastic stride.

    xc gordy
    Go Gordy!
  • Learning new things in Missoula during our Contra Dance workshop hosted by the Missoula and UM Folklore Societies. Dosey Doe Y’all!contra dance1
  • Unveiling two new Montana Meals Workshops: Under Pressure and Fermented Foods.  Neal particularly enjoyed the opportunity to build up his microbiome at each of the Fermented Foods workshops.  Hooray for Kefir!!
    • Speaking of which, checking out the new Kombucha bar (and salad bar) at the UM Corner Store makes our highlights as well. UM employees, check that out!

      Kombucha taps at the UM Corner Store.
    • And as long as we’re talking about healthy foods and salad bars, we should include our lunches at the always fresh and delicious Eagle’s Nest at Flathead Valley CC. The Eagle’s Nest salad bar has become our staple lunch every trip to Kalispell.
  • Getting into the Mardi Gras spirit and teaching with beads on with our friends at City College in Billings.
  • It’s always a good time when we go to Glendive for a lunch-and-learn. That’s right, they pretty much have a faculty/staff lunch and feed us at Dawson CC every time we’re in town. Just sayin’.
  • Delivering our first presentation at a National Wellness Event—the Building Healthy Academic Communities Conference in Gainesville, Florida. (Despite our travel woes). We presented about using multimedia and video in our Wellness programs (and we talked about this blog)!
  • Being part of Wellness Week in Great Falls. In addition to some great workshops, some of which were employee-led, we recruited some fresh Wellness Champions and the GFC-MSU employees had Wellness brainstorming sessions.

Now we’re excited to be back at MSU and getting geared up (pun intended) for Bike Month and summer to follow! (If it ever stops snowing 🙂 )

Thanks for making our travels delightful as always! We love you MUS!

Neal & Cristin

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